Crisis in Israel

Join a Mission to Israel


In late October, we received an invitation to join a Masorti Movement Leadership Mission to Israel.

While the visit was very short, the participants brought back vital and current information about the October 7 horrific attacks and the resolve of the citizens of the State of Israel to overcome and triumph over the forces of terror.

We are providing this list, which we will update as we receive more information, of various Masorti Movement missions, along with those of our partners in the Canadian Zionist Federation.

We have not verified any of these missions, please invesitgate before you sign on or make any payments.

All of these missions must be considered to be "witness" visits. The State of Israel is currently at war with Hamas in Gaza and a near state of war with Hezbollah in the north. The "normal" tourist options will most probably NOT be avaialble. Many of the resturants are closed since the massive reserve call-ups have taken much of their staff into the IDF. The beaches should be considered closed, since they lack proper shelters if there are rocket attacks, which though less frequesnt, still occur. Hotels in the centre of the country are housing evacuees from both the Gaza envelope and the North, and rooms may not be cleaned as often as normal.

The bottom line is that these will not be luxurious tourist trips. You will be visiting a war zone.

This is not to deter you, these are unusual times and these trips will definitely NOT be a normal visit.

Please note that we have included CZF partner organzation missions in this list and not all follow our Movement's practices in regard to kashruth, prayer or egalitarian ideals. Affiliations are noted, please be sure to check with the organizers about any questions you may have.

Ramah Yuval Yisrael (replaces USY Israel Pilgrimage)


Ramah and USY are excited that this summer we will launch Yuval Yisrael, a summer teen Israel experience sponsored by the Conservative/Masorti Movement. This partnership brings together our decades of joint experience in designing meaningful and educational Israel programs for teens, our movement's future leaders.

Yuval Yisrael, a 3.5-week program, will include volunteering, substantive educational programming, joyful Shabbatot, team building, touring, and hiking. An optional Eastern Europe program is available as well. As always, the safety and security of our participants is our number one priority.

This collaborative program initiative replaces USY Israel Pilgrimage/EPIC Israel and is designed for teens who are not Ramah campers. Ramah campers will continue to participate in Ramah Israel Seminar as a culmination of their camper experience.

This partnership between Ramah and USY is long overdue, and will lead to an outstanding Israel summer experience! Please help us by forwarding this email to families with teens who may be interested, and letting us know if you are aware of specific teens/parents whom we should contact directly.


This is a Masorti/Conservative Movement event.

Yuval Yisrael:

July 8-31

Early bird Price: $7,550; with RootOne voucher: $4,550Regular: $7,800; with RootOne voucher: $4,800

What this includes:
Round-trip flights from the New York area
Room and Board
3 Kosher meals per day
Transportation on a tourist class bus, equipped with AC, TV/DVD
Health Insurance
Entry to all sites and activities as per the itinerary
Israel Map, Group T-Shirt, and Photo
1 Armed Guard/First Aid Responder (when required)
High-quality care from a Ramah Israel and USY Licensed Tour Guide, two Madrichim (counselors), and access to Camper Care Professionals
Does not include:
Transportation to and from the New York Airport
Travel Insurance
Spending Money
Any other optional purchasesà

Eastern Europe Experience Add-On:

June 26-July 7

Eastern Europe Experience Add-On: June 26-July 7
Price:  $5,800

What does the program include:

Complete 12-day program, including travel days and sessions for Eastern Europe participants in Israel
Room and board, with kashrut observed according to Yuval Yisrael’s standards
All airfares and taxes, with departures from the New York area to Berlin
Security guard throughout the duration of the trip
All entrance fees
Medical insurance
Tour guides and counselor staff

Ramah Mishpacha Solidarity & Service Trips to Israel, February and March 


February and March missions listed, 4, 5 & 6 day Mission options with Shabbat. "Volunteer work to be done in the fields, rebuilding homes, and working with displaced families. We hope you will consider joining your fellow Ramahniks on one of our upcoming solidarity and service missions. This is your opportunity to be counted and to let our family in Israel know that we stand alongside them."

Various hotel options

This will be a Masorti/Conservative Movement event.

Costs vary from $1.435 U.S.  to $2,370 Land Only.  Single Supplements

JNF-Adath Israel (Toronto) Solidarity Mission to Israel, May 13 - 22, 2024


This is a 9 day trip, includes Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut commemorations, visits to Kibbutzim affected by the October 7 massacre, volunteer opportunities, 5 star hotels.

This will be a Masorti/Conservative Movement event.

Cost: With accommodations: US $5,250 based on double occupancy, Land ONLY, TRAVEL NOT INCLUDED
Additional single supplement: US $1,193
Without accommodations: US $2,320

JNF-Beth Israel & Har El Mission to Israel (Vancouver) Mission to Israel, April 1-8, 2024

Information Night: February 8 at 8 pm via Zoom


Volunteering and bearing witness. This is a 7 night trip, with Rabbi David Bluman and Jay Cairns of JNF. Details at link below.

This will be a Masorti/Conservative Movement event.

Cost: With accommodations: CDN $3,699 based on double occupancy
Additional single supplement: TBA
Special Young Professionals rate: CDN $2,500 based on double occupancy


HERUT-Canada Missions


Herut offers a number of missions, most of which involve volunteering in Israel through the IDF Logisitics Corps. Minimum duration is 5 days, with 2 and 3 week options available. TRAVEL COST NOT LISTED

This will be a HERUT-Canada Movement event. HERUT is a CZF Partner.

Costs vary, contact for details


February 27 to March 1, 2024. Clanton Park and Mizrachi Canada men’s mission to Israel, visits to Kibbutzim affected by the October 7 massacre, volunteer opportunities, does NOT include hotels.

This will be a MIZRACHI (Orthodox) Movement event. MIZRAHI is a CZF Partner

Cost: $1485 CDN  Land Only, does NOT include hotel.

Holy Blossom Brotherhood Solidarity Mission to Israel (MEN ONLY)


April 8-14, 2024, LED BY Rabbi Samuel Kay and Cantor David Rosen. Shabbat in Jerusalem, opportunity to meet with the families of hostages and victims of October 7th, travel to the Gaza envelope, agricultural volunteerism, meet with Magen David Adom, give blood, provide food for the soldiers, and bring needed supplies with us from Canada to Israel. The group will be hosted by other Reform Congregations as they share the stories of their lives in the aftermath of October 7th.

This will be an ARTZA Reform Movement event. ARTZA is a CZF Partner. 

Cost: With accommodations: US $2,625 based on double occupancy, $3,245 single TRAVEL COST NOT INCLUDED


Our 8 day group missions commence on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting at $3500 per person

This is a private event.

Cost: $3500 Details on their website.

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