Crisis in Israel

How can you help?

First, rebuilding from the horrors of war will take funding. We have arranged to offer the following links which will send funds directly to Israel to hasten the rebuilding and recovery.

We have received a link for reconstruction projects here (

B'nai Brith Canada also has a page for donations:

We will be posting information on how you can participate in this important task but unitl then, we have been provided with this guide by Aurora Strategy Global, one of the top political strategy groups in Canada. Download the Basics of Lobbying here.

With the advent of e-mail, writing a letter to a politician has become incredibly easy to do. No longer do you need to write it out, put it in an envelope and walk to the post office, all you need to do is fire up your e-mail programme and write!

Letters that politicians and others receive make an incredible difference. While they may not ready your letter personally, their staff will read each and every one, record the topic and keep track of the numbers on each side of an issue.

A small number of e-mails can make a difference, and a large number received on a topic can the public narrative on an issue.

Sample letter, please feel free to copy and edit:

I am dismayed that Canada's Prime Minster, who took over 24 hours to make a statement on the Hamas terrorist massacre of October 7, 2023, took less than an hour to comment on the failed Islamic Jihad rocket failure that resulted in the deaths yesterday at the hospital in Gaza City. For Mr Trudeau to immediately seize the news coming from the terrorists themselves as being the full and final proof of the guilt of the Israeli Defense Forces, without waiting for any confirmation of the exact details was not the actions of a world leader of a democratic state.  Mr Trudeau did get one thing right; the act was a war crime, since Islamic Jihad was firing un-guided rockets at the civilian population of Israel while embedded in the civilian population of Gaza.  I hope that the Prime Minister can find a way to rethink his statement and lay the blame on those who use civilians as shields and cause havoc and death to their own people. I would strongly suggest that next time, please take a day to comment, as in, when the full facts are available. I do believe that a retraction and apology is warranted.

Here are a number of e-mail addresses:

Prime Minister Trudeau:
Deputy Prime Minister Freeland:
Global Affairs Minister Joly:
Defence Minister Blair:

B’nai Brith has created an easy-to-use template to enable concerned citizens to send emails to academic institutions from coast to coast.

"For even a bird has found their home and a swallow their nest" (Psalms, Chapter 84, Verse 4).

The brutal and deadly massacre that Israel experienced on Shabbat, Simchat Torah (Shemini Atzeret), the 22nd of Tishrei 5784, October 7th 2023, affected each and every one of us deeply.

Since the outbreak of the war, we've experienced loss and suffering, horror and pain from the extremely difficult images released, but as usual, we knew to come together united, as one man with one heart.

The data gathered indicates that hundreds of families have lost their homes and were forced to evacuate to other cities following the barbaric attacks, sacrifices and losses.

The World Zionist Organization recognizes the need to find temporary housing for families who overnight became refugees in their own country. If you have a vacant apartment, or if you know apartment owners from Israel or the Diaspora whose apartment is vacant in the coming months, please contact us or recommend that the apartment owners participate in this important project.

The World Zionist Organization will take full responsibility for the process of connecting the families with relevant apartments and will ensure the apartment is returned in the manner in which it was delivered. In order to ensure this, a legal contract will be signed between the World Zionist Organization and the family, and between the World Zionist Organization and the respective landlords.

"OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME" The World Zionist Organization is sponsoring a new programme to supply temporary housing to the thousands of families who have lost their homes. The WZO will be your guarantor and will take full responsibility that your home will be returned to the state it was received in.

All of the project details and registration methods are in the link below:

We will be updating this page on a regular basis. Your suggestions are welcome, please e-mail them to

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