Crisis in Israel

Video as Witness

Amy Skopp Cooper was a participant in the Masorti Movement Mission to Israel and created this powerful video during our tour of K'far Aza. Ms Skopp Cooper is the National Director of Ramah Camping Movement.

Immediately after the horrific massacre carried out by the Hamas terrorist organization in Israel, the artist Ze'ev Ben Dor began to paint the portraits of the victims, as he experienced the direct encounter with them. This is a touching perspective on personal and national pain that affects anyone for whom the value of life is significant.


Video script, shooting and editing: Emanuel Rosenzweig

Instagram: @emanuelrosenzweig

Experts speak about the women and girl victims of gender-based violence in the 10/7 Hamas terror attacks against Israel. What are the impacts of captivity on GBV victims taken hostage? Why are global women’s rights organizations staying silent?
Event organized by the Maimonides Society (Harvard Medical School and Dental School Jewish Organization), Harvard Jewish Law Students Association, and the Harvard Business School Jewish Students Association. This event is independent of Harvard University and its constituent schools.
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From Marc Rogoff, YouTube

At Hadassah Hospital, November 8, 2023






We listened to a nurse, and mother of ten, who was at an army base on Black Shabbat, October 7th. Her husband was a rabbi on an army base in the south and was there to bring Simchat Torah to the soldiers. Instead she wound up tending to a soldier who was shot, and was tricked into thinking the other soldier who came to help was part of the IDF, but instead it was a Hamas terrorist, who shot the nurse in her back and arm. She used her head covering as a tourniquet. She shared her story with us when we visited Hadassah Hospital. We listened attentively to the woman who was on a crowded bus when a missile hit, but it was so crowded, no one could hear the sirens to warn them to go into a shelter. She had shrapnel in her leg, and was undergoing extensive physical therapy. But she was one of the lucky ones; better off than the murdered owners of the hundreds of cars we saw in a parking lot in Netivot; cars which were shot and demolished and burned. There were car seats and baby carriages in those cars, and I wondered, where are those children now? Are they orphans? Captive? Is someone saying Kaddish for them?

- Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields, WLCJ Executive Director

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