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The Canadian home of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel.

Masorti Judaism is Israel's fastest growing religious movement.

We are a traditional, yet pluralistic religious movement affiliated with Masorti/Conservative Judaism around the world.

We recognize that there's more to being Jewish in Israel than residency, more than the historic choice of ultra-Orthodoxy or secular life.


YOUR Voice in Israel

MERCAZ: the Movement to Reaffirm Conservative Zionism, is the Zionist voice of Conservative Judaism in Canada. A grassroots membership organization, we promote and support Israel education and programs, and represent the interests of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency for Israel.



MERCAZ-Canada and Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism work in cooperation to foster and strengthen Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel, based on the ideals of tradition and tolerance, study and spirituality, and social action and love of Israel. Encourage your youth to experience Israel through MERCAZ-Canada, USY and Ramah scholarships for Israel travel.


Masorti supports our movement

Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism supports our movement directly. CFMJ is committed to halakhah and history, combining Jewish law and tradition with an open approach to Jewish life. CFMJ supports the work of the Masorti Movement, raising funds to enable the Movement to further its educational and outreach activities in Israel.

MERCAZ-Canada - Masorti Canada Annual Check-Off

Since its inception, MERCAZ-Canada and Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism have maintained a “Check-Off System” with our partner synagogues to provide necessary funding for our general fund. Check-Off funds ensure that MERCAZ-Canada and Masorti-Canada can keep the lights burning, pay staff, and allow us to allocate at least 90% of all other donations directly to programs.

We will be putting in a page for combined checkoff, but in the meantime, please do both.

Masorti’s recommended annual donation is $36/family.

If you would like to make a donation, please use this button:

MERCAZ-Canada - Membership

While we are building this site, membership and other requests may be made through this form.

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