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The Canadian home of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel.

MERCAZ-Canada describes itself as the Conservative Movement's "voice in Israel." We represent the views and voices of the Canadian Conservative Jewish community in the World Zionist Organization (WZO) through our affiliation with MERCAZ and Masorti Olami.


MERCAZ-Canada Mission Statement

MERCAZ-Canada and Canadian Foundation for Masorti Judaism work in cooperation to foster and strengthen Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel, based on the ideals of tradition and tolerance, study and spirituality, and social action and love of Israel. Affiliated with MERCAZ Olami, MERCAZ-CANADA is the Zionist voice of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Canada.

MERCAZ-Canada Mission Statement
MERCAZ-Canada provides educational programming (lectures and seminars) about the Masorti/Conservative Movement in Israel and dissemination of news and information about the Masorti/Conservative Movement in Israel and the world, and represents the interests of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in the World Zionist Organization (WZO), the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the Canadian Zionist Federation (CZF).

Our objectives are:

To promote and support education and programs about Israeli Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Canada
To foster the development of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in Israel
To reaffirm commitment to pluralism in Jewish religious life, ensuring Masorti/Conservative Jews feel free to practice Judaism equally with other denominations.
Providing support through scholarships to youth and young adults for Masorti/Conservative educational trips to Israel.

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